Aeschylus, Bound (to Discourse): How Marxist Dialectics Helps Us Debunk The Myth Of Art When Thinking About Greek Tragedy, Something That Still Influences Us Ideologically Even Though We May Like Oedipus Be Blind To It 

Beatriz Seelaender

Aeschylus has always been a polemic figure. As the father of tragedy, he must be culpable for everything bad that has ever happened. As a playwright, he must be criticised due to the wrong message his theatre, more specifically Oedipus, may transmit about familial relationships. In this essay I will

Brazilian author Beatriz Seelaender has had essays published by websites such as The Collapsar and The Manifest-Station, and her short stories can be found in Psychopomp Lit Mag, The Gateway Review and others. Her story "A Kidney Caught in Quicksand", published by Grub Street in 2017, earned recognition from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in the categories of experimental fiction and humor writing. In 2019, Seelaender won Hidden River Arts' Sandy Run Novella Award. You can check out her weekly column at Maudlin House (dot net).

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