Alcoholism Is the Second Funniest Disease to Have

Nathaniel Hughes

your hair is always changing 

to the background

of that nightly train rumble, whistle call.

passing by, screaming


falling in all the wrong places,

playing tricks

on yourself, leaving your clothes

in kitchen cabinets,

glasses behind window blinds,

making wrinkles in your face that will last forever.

Nathaniel Hughes is a father, librarian, and writer who lives with his wife, son, and two black cats (one of whom is trans) in Kansas City. He thinks adults should stop underestimating youth and instead try to work with them to fix all this shit we have going on. Nathaniel compiled a decades worth of prose, poetry, and two letters into a compilation narrative about his life and struggles with addiction, relationships, mental health, and recovery. It is titled Three Years This August. Nathaniel is nearly three years sober. He wants people to be more kind.