E.B. Johnson

          n. restlessness or disquiet                             exhibited by a sick person.


the way you lay me out 

on the bed 



hands in your pockets 

                     with more                                              disgrace than you can manage. 



I like the way you smell;

rain on the edge



of a dirt slat floor where 

                    there's less chance                                of forceful eviction.



I like the way you

give me chills



and forceful contemplation 

                    of suicide hangovers                             and sugar pills. 



we'd be nothing without

our disquiet



bending like buttons

                    to force ourselves                                  into holes



that we can't quite




we'd be nothing without 

nothing within                                                           nothing without





                                                                                      a few more broken                 bones. 

E.B. Johnson is a poet and author with a penchant for the weird and a passion for all things historical. A firebrand Aries and a former pro-rugby hopeful, her work can be found in works like "The Nonbinary Review" and "The Alphanumeric Podcast".