Anatomy of a Carrot

A. Pikovsky


move these brittle legs

spread them

“over & out” like shea butter

across the flushed flesh of carrot meat

enter this garden

then feast on




kiss these tender knees

unpeel them

drip for me like hot beeswax 

coat the yolk bound to my bony shell

i am wrinkled & lapped by your papery husk

unseal me for




with these hungry hips

pull from their bulbs like sun-colored taproot

hold them, then blow

[Enter: Ram’s Horn Ritual]

beneath the supple soil another voyeur vegetates

make a circle of salt, dressed in seeds & musk

from tongue to mouth, then fold to flap, begins the harvest of


A. Pikovsky is a poet living in Philadelphia who has been writing poetry since childhood. She is the daughter of immigrants and the first in her family to be born in America. Her works cover many topics ranging from psychology to politics, but she always pulls from her experiences and observations as a queer, intersectional feminist.