A Nature, In Place

Aaron Lelito


Corrective Lapse


Grinning Ghost of the Old Arborist


Garden of Glances Made Awake




Pinwheel Pine


Tuning Into the Field


When Pensive Days Tire


Retreat from the Season

Aaron Lelito is a visual artist from Buffalo, NY. In his photography and digital art, he is primarily drawn to the patterns and imagery of nature. Consequently, transformation is one of the reoccurring themes that he engages with--the changing of seasons, the flowing motion along a stream’s bank, the waves breaking on Lake Erie’s shoreline. There is creative potential embedded in images themselves, not only in the narrative sense of “telling a story,” but in their ability to express the potential sights that often lay dormant in our everyday surroundings, a vision of what remains unseen by a passing view. Naturalist and writer Henry David Throeau emphasizes this renewed sense of vision and exploration that is embedded within the world around us: “Nature will bear the closes inspection; she invites us to lay our eye level with the smallest leaf and take an insect view of its plain. She has not interstices; every part is full of life.” There is inspiration to be found in the seemingly ordinary—the more one looks, the more there is to see.

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