A Place for You

Jessamyn Wolff

In the home goods section of TJ Maxx

I waste time looking at fake succulents, 

bending their sticky but pretty leaves

in all directions. Across the aisle, rows 

of decorative glass jars line the shelves. 

A large one stands out, flowers painted

at its bottom shine pink in the fluorescent 

light. As I hold it, kids and their moms 

push red carts around me, employees 

hurry by with loops full of shrill keys. 

I determine that, yes, all I have left of you 

will fit in this glass jar—pictures of you 

at the piano, the plastic Pokémon won 

in a bet, your charcoal drawings if I fold 

them. The woman working the counter 

compliments my choice as she wraps it

in pale, crinkling paper—this’d be great 

for a candle, it really catches the light. 

Outside, the sun’s been smeared with

silver clouds. I walk home underneath 

its haze, crying so hard I think my eyes 

will burst and fall like rain at my feet. 

Jessamyn Wolff is a poet and visual artist from West Michigan, currently working on her MFA at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her work has recently appeared in Hanging Loose Press, Conception Arts Show, Storm of Blue Press, and the Boston Globe.

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