A Strong Woman

Surovi Bain​

“I like strong women,” he breathes, lips a little too close to


my ear, his beer-stained air mingling with mine and I exhale,


heart aflutter, attention grasped, as he continues to tell me how,


“I am not like the other girls,” as if the other girls could never


be quite so lucky, to be in the position that I am in right now.


My mind races with fantasy at the very thought of spending


the rest of my life raising this man, prior to raising our children 


and all the while simultaneously continuing to raise this man


just so that one day he can look at my daughter and beam,


eyes shining with absolute, unadulterated pride over how 


she is nothing like “other girls,” – so beautiful and so strong, 


just like her mother, except – that will never happen. 


Because on date three, assuming he makes it to date three,


my smart mouth, equipped with its sharp tongue – entirely


unsuited for certain carnal pleasures –  will lose its appeal and 


go from “enthralling” to “grating” and when I admonish, it is


not playful and he begins to piece together, slowly, steadily – 


though as not to win any sort of race – that unfortunately,


accountability is not a form of verbal foreplay and I am no fetish,


no closeted nymphomaniac and maybe he’ll realize that in actuality


he hates strong women almost as much as he likes the idea of


owning them until they are nothing at all like what he claims to like.

Surovi Bain is a chronic raiser of men, empathizer with the unworthy, and overall good-hearted person with all the warm demeanor of an ice block. She is a recent graduate and young professional - in what, you ask? She couldn't tell you, but she'll attempt to master pretty much anything without the promise of follow-through - relationships included.