2020 Award Nominations!

First Urologist Visit: November 14, 2019 

    by Mark Blackford  Pushcart

Escapism in a Motel Pool, Circa 1977.

    by Sophie Hoss Pushcart

Divorce Papers

    by Steve Barichko Pushcart

what becomes of us 

    by Nisha Patel Pushcart

This / is not an alternative

    by Leona Vander Molen Pushcart

Things That Eat Us

    by Taylor Stafford Pushcart

TW: Trigger Warning

    by Sadie Hoagland Best of the Net

 A Tempest in Wonder, a Wide Lee

    by Allison Boyd Justus Best of the Net


    by Ninel Nekay Best of the Net 

This / is not an alternative

    by Leona Vander Molen Best of the Net


    by Peter Engen Best of the Net

Ode To Vomit

    by Jasmine Ledesma Best of the Net

new here

    by Margaret Galey Best of the Net

2019 Award Nominations!

Re: Your Dog

    by Henry Jinings Best of the Net

The Permafrost

    by Nick Admussen Best of the Net Pushcart


    by Robert T. Krantz Best of the Net Pushcart


    by Ian Cappelli Best of the Net Pushcart

Deus ex Machina

    by Greg Rappleye Best of the Net Pushcart


    by Audrey Lewis Best of the Net

The Day the Final Mermaid Died

    by Brennan Bogert Best of the Net

An Even More Modest Proposal

    by Andy Betz Best of the Net

Jess says you look cute in your underwear

    by Claire Nelson Pushcart