Bitter Lemon, Butter and Eggs 

Caitlin Dunn

I think I know now 

not all yellow flowers are

buttercups, not all


black birds are blackbirds

it’s such a rare gift to see

clearly—to look for 


the whiskers on cat

birds, not break even and call

them mimidae—most


of us give up when 

we pry the binomen out 

of them—my mother


says you can’t just look

the difference between toad

flax and snapdragons 


is in the close breath

Caitlin Dunn has a BFA in Creative Writing from Belhaven University. Several of her poems have been published in Belhaven's literary magazine The Brogue; her poems have won the Live Poets' Society of New Jersey poetry contest and the Southern Literary Award. She lives in Brandon, Mississippi.