ky li

Salty waves break atop my freckled feet.

Sand gives way under my sinking heels.

Any residual bare skin is winnowed

in grey fog before a protesting sea.


Age has crumbled into tides that wear

down stone & shell, & bone quelled into

unrecognizable particles that still dance.


Women & men dissolve into a breach

that opens & closes like a batting eye.


Watered down fractions of time

ripple away into swallowing current

& are thrashed onto shore,

whose only desire in life is to lie

peacefully amid other battered souls.

ky li is a folk poet in Louisville, Kentucky whose work has appeared in Brittle Star, The Oddville Press, The Ibis Head Review, West Trade Review, and the books Six Voices and Six Voices Two, published in 2017 and 2019 by Blackthorn Press. ky’s poem, “A Physicist Explains Irregular Escapement,” appears in Issue 44/June 2019 of Brittle Star and two other poems will appear in the 2019 fall/winter issue of Word Fountain. ky completed a MA in creative writing/poetry in the summer of 2018.