M Zaman

Poetry or not, vagaries of life will still feel 

prickly; love or no love, things-that-matter 

will still be overwhelming; God or no God, 

life’s journey will still be a perilous journey. 


This is not about the aboutness of myself 

or of my poetry or of anything else under 

the folds of heathen Gods. Neither celestial 

nor interstellar; it’s the obelisk of hope.


Neither Calliope nor Erato is my forte; not 

even Sappho, the tenth. I do not write for 

posterity or for some transcendent euphemism.  


When the mind is fenestrated through and 

through, when ennui engulfs the total being 

like a shroud of death, poetry seeps in;


Butea (Flame of Forest) blooms and sets this 

sinking heart ablaze.

M Zaman is allergist/immunologist who lives, with his beautiful wife, in a quaint college town in North Country, NY. His publications include: 1) Poems in 2) Epic of Gilgamesh, a Bengali translation of the Sumerian Epic, Published by Anya Prakash, Dgaha, Bangladesh, Feb 2016 3) Life in Light, an English translation of poems by Humayun Kabir; Published by Ghunghur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jan 2017 4) Shesh Sraboner Podyo, A Collection of Bengali Poems; Published by Ananya, Dhaka, Bangladesh; May 2007

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