Chronic Hypochondriac

James Ph. Kotsybar

She finally saw the specialist who

told her to stop diagnosing herself.


She’d no macular degeneration --

just eyestrain from searching the internet,

and her kidneys were not about to fail;

She only needed proper hydration.


Though she got prescriptions to aid her ills,

she hasn’t made it to the pharmacy.


The important thing is she’s not dying.

She’ll get the medications tomorrow, 

unless her agoraphobia wins,

and depression keeps her in bed all day.


Inactivity’s bedsores, however

will need researching, lest they be cancer.

Chosen for special recognition by NASA, James Ph. Kotsybar is the first poet to be published to another planet. His haiku currently orbits Mars aboard the MAVEN spacecraft, appears in the mission log of The Hubble Space Telescope, and was featured at NASA’s Centaur Art Challenge at IngenuityFest, Ohio. Last Summer, he performed his poetry before an international audience of scientists, journalists and actual Troubadours in their founding city of Toulouse, France, at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2018) by invitation and has been invited back to ESOF2020 to be held in Trieste, Italy. Most recently he has had poems published in The Bubble, Askew, The Society of Classical Poets, LUMMOX Press, Sixfold, Mason’s Road, Encore and Scifaikuest, and has received honors from The State Poetry Society of Michigan and the Balticon 48 Poetry Competition. He especially enjoys science poetry, because of its extended shelf-life.

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