Circles and Beads

Natasha Moskaljov

We forget. So

we cut our bangs again,

find the same people 


to love again, 

break time apart 

losing the same

pieces to start again.

I forget. So


I wish to pass you

on the busiest street


in town, walking

runway model steps, 


talking English 

on the phone.


You forget. So


you step aside,

my back unknown 


graffiti on the wall

that you erased.


Time forgets. So


it ticks from twelve 

and back again


as I count my days

before I fall.


Perhaps you do too.


Life is just a bead in 

the prayer of the world.

Natasha Moskaljov is a Croatian writer, former dancer and yoga teacher with a degree in Economics living in Spain and writing in English. With interest in anything deep, she explores layers underneath the daily and the obvious. She is currently working on a poetry collection and a memoir.

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