color. me.

Carol Lynne Knight



paint me as a picasso, 

fractured & faceted 

in prussian blues, 

astride a freakish horse,

his fishes swimming

at my feet, paint 

a war-torn me,


born in my parents’ dreams

of a life together after a world war, 

after monsoons & kamikazes,

mud & redacted love letters.


paint a shattered image, 

shards of blue, 

my small rebellions.

nato dall’amore





paint me with sable brushes,

filmy washes of striated sky,

an intricate tattoo, delicate ink to tell

a fractured story — my memento.


a diagram of pain & metal,

scars called out with tiny yellow arrows.


daggering the paper, 

a ragged wound, a caustic hue —

the healing, mon amour.





color. me.

when I am flat, & paper, so thin,

outlines definite, but colorless.

lift your brush to the areola —

wash of sienna, wash of blue.


my body has no blood, no beauty,

not even terror. I could be a doormat

shut inside a sagging shed.


bring this incomplete face into focus, 

into the spectrum of flesh. the press 

of your brush creates a fever, a blush.


color me when memory is a corner 

folded down to mark the page, 

even when I am stacked on a shelf,


edges acidic & yellowing — trace my

lips as if they could kiss, mi amor.

As co-director of Anhinga Press, Carol Lynne Knight has edited and designed more than 100 literary publications, including books by Diane Wakoski, Naomi Shihab Nye, the late Robert Dana and Judith Kitchen. Her book of poems, Quantum Entanglement (Apalachee Press) was released in 2010. Her poetry has appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, Louisiana Literature, Tar River Review, Poetry Motel, Earth’s Daughters, The Ledge, Slipstream, Broome Review, Comstock Review, Northwest Florida Review, Epicenter, Redactions, Iconoclast, Epicenter, HazMat, So to Speak , J and others. She is a fellow of the Hambidge Center for the Arts and the Bowers House. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, she grew up in South Florida and graduated from the University of Miami and Florida State University. She has exhibited drawings, pottery, sculpture and digital images throughout the eastern United States. In other lives, she worked as an art teacher, potter, videographer, copy writer, and graphic designer. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida.