Exodus from halcyon 

Felice Arenas

grief mocked acoustically.

I huddle I hope to ascend

beat back by photographs 

of pine cellar doors, magma,

mothers swathing bisque dolls. 

Where the hell where in Hell 

do I knock around fire 

to get a good look at Earth 

as a particle? Remember Earth? 

Wu Xing told of overcoming 

or destruction—剋/克, kè. 

Licking cobalt inside our cheeks

we waved we watched skies fold 

sea floors like baby blankets. 

Then a gasp a glance around. 

Infernos have piped-in Muzak

believe it or not.

Felice Arenas wrote Netflix synopses for a decade and about cinema and music for *HuffPost* before earning her MFA from New York University, where she taught creative writing and was a Global Research Initiatives fellow.
Her work has also appeared in *PoetsArtists*, *HASH Journal*, and more. Born and raised in Chicago, she has lived in Los Angeles, New York City,

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