cronos devoured his children

Art By Jada Fabrizio

Poetry By J. Summerisle Wilson


and now we come

confused. the dawn

is hungry and we

cannot relinquish

our dreams.


              O take

our reason with hardness,

make us soft as eggs.

don’t ask us

              what came first?

or          who are we?


our stomachs outstrip

sleep & reach deep

for the ugly things

inside of us.


call it hunger,

hot beyond this grief

that gnarls & nibbles.

let us fix our horror

for a feast before

we realise, before

the truth rises in

mourning to make us

who really we are.

Photographer Jada Fabrizio is passionately committed to story telling. She is an enthusiastic watcher of light and its effect it has on form. When she is not buliding sets in her studio or scuptling a creature for her photo stories she plays classical guitar and does freelance photography for medical institutions. Born in queens, New York, her formal education began at SUNY New Paltz. Where she studied creative writing and later photography at the School of Visual Arts And ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York City. Jada emphasizes the importance of capturing emotional experiences. “By not telling a complete story” she says, “It allows others to “feel” the photograph in their own way.” She goes on to say, “I want the spectator to look at my photographs and experience their own reality through them.”


J. Summerisle Wilson currently lives in the East Midlands of England & has appeared in various online journals. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net 2020 and a full list of publications can be found at She may also be found on Twitter @_dead_swans