Whatever is Left

Art By Emily Somoskey

Poetry By Martha Kane

Leave nothing unbroken

that should not be whole.

Every piece is a piece 

unto itself.

Wear holes in the carpet.

Walk forever there.

And look up.

The plasterwork

deserves your notice

and the dangling light

no less than that.

Tear off the paper. Chip at the paint.

Pour out half of the color

In order to understand

what you know is still left.


Emily Somoskey is a visual artist and educator from Akron, OH. She attended The University of Akron’s Mary Schiller Myers School of Art, in Akron, OH and received a BA in Art Education with a minor in painting in 2013. She is currently a 2nd year MFA candidate at Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, MI. Emily’s current work explores the ways we interface with material culture in our everyday lives, specifically the relationships formed between objects and individuals within the constructed domestic living space.


Martha Buffkin Kane has no formal training in poetry. She has been published in many small press magazines many years ago, although she would like to update this history. She lives in Gilford, NH. She writes from wherever she is.