“U američkim filmovima” (Screenplay)

Adem Garic

     Translated by Translated by Mario Frömml (02/17/2019)

In American movies

Russians always get defeated.

Guns lurk at every corner.

Cowboys are good guys, though may not be.

Indians play supporting roles and extras.

Except for making wars, or being fought against,

no one has been noticing ten million Muslims.

Knowledge is useful if it rakes in profits.

Everything bringing in the profits is knowledge.

Drugs are native to the concrete jungle.

Alcohol gets sipped, just like coffee.

The streets – the foundation of crimes.

White men are sheriffs. Their badges are relics

everyone venerates.

America rides while the entire world walks.

Everything in the world takes place in America.

America discovers the world.

America has an American dream.

American is the dream of

houses that the banks rent out.

Adem Garic is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the current address in the US, the city of Erie, PA. He's writing poetry, and so far has two poetry books in the Bosnian language. Right now he's in the middle of the translation process for a new book, called AMERICA IS HOLLYWOOD. His recent poetry is translated by a friend of his, Mr. Mario Froml, who also lives in the USA.