Silent Space

Photography by Olivia Djawoto 

Poetry by Louise Moises


Empty chairs       silent space

fan no longer whirs        afraid to circulate the air

within pink walls            hovers dread

blinding neon only         evidence of occupation

a switch left on                by mistake

blue floor vacant             of clips of hair,

of fingernails,                  carelessly swept

remnant of dust              spiraled cords

bag of tools                      abandoned

when they fled in fear of the virus

                                                       their clients had spread.

Olivia revels in anachronisms—of shooting film in the 2000s; of writing fiction in the age of viral videos. Her interest in space is translated into a photography that seeks out light and void, absence and inertia, particularly in a world that can often be crowded in its own chaos.

Louise Moises was born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, graduating from San Jose State with a major in Speech and Drama and minor in English. Over her seventy-five years she has been a teacher, a storyteller, a puppeteer, a retail clerk, and the owner of an antiquarian bookstore, along with being a wife, mother and grandmother. Now widowed, she enjoys traveling in her 23 foot RV with her cat, exploring places that inspire her writing. Her poems and stories have been recognized by the literary divisions of the San Mateo County and Marin County Fairs, the Ina Coolbrith Circle, Artists Embassy International, Bay Area Poets Coalition & Keats Soul Making, thewritelaunch and Unlimited Literature.

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