Robert T. Krantz

You asked if the rabbit

knows about the hawk

                        (Is it better to know?)

that tied your mind

with a frayed wire,

and you cried and cried. 

How could God be so cruel? 

I wanted to answer 

that life can be brutal—

a bloodied knuckled bully

at the end of an alley—

but I didn’t want to worry

you with all my falcons, eagles

and owls, and every man’s

own waxed wings.  


That night you dreamt 

of skinless mice,

hearts pounding 

in your tiny hand, 

and I knew you knew

what I didn’t say,

and I did not ask 

if you squeezed them. 

Robert T. Krantz is a poet and writer residing in southeast Michigan. He studied at Niagara County Community College, The University of Akron and the University of Arkansas. Since 2013, Robert has has published several chapbooks and been featured in many literary journals, including Hamilton Arts and Letters, Antiphon, Grasslimb and the Pittsburgh Poetry Review. Robert works in industrial sales in the Midwest and is father to one daughter who has recently started writing poetry.

This poem is from Robert Krantz' chapbook "Something To Cry About" available now from our sister press Cathexis Northwest Press! Click here to purchase