Descent with Modification

Elena Tomorowitz

I see that 

the girl with three dogs

has teeth to match, the wolf 

teeth, like broken 

glass, to tear

flesh-teeth it’s why 

they were made.


They like to share 

the bowl.

Here they come. 

They come for blood

or kibble – a fur monsoon,

this is what they live for.


I don’t remember

a time 

when all living things

were the same thing.


Everyone probably lives

like that.

Elena Tomorowitz earned an MFA from Cleveland State University's NEOMFA, and PhD from The University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Writers, both with a focus on poetry. She has work appearing in Guernica, The New Guard, Hayden's Ferry Review, Fugue, The Collagist, and others. She lives in Boise.