Divorce Papers

Steve Barichko

she said i want to be done with you and i said no one wants


to be done with me more than me which made her laugh


at the same courthouse that married us we signed


the dissolution and i asked that she leave me


at camp columbia i’ll figure out a way back don’t worry


in february the lush grass was long beige wheat and i lit


a slim cigar and stood still at the entrance the wheat opening


like a mouth and i wanted something predatory


to be lying in wait for me so that i could concede defeat


having seen it long after it had already seen me

Steve Barichko is from Terryville, CT. His work has most recently appeared in Barren Magazine and Honey and Lime Lit, and is forthcoming in Doghouse Press. He lives in Terryville with his wife and daughter.

He can be found @stevebarichko.