Photography by Nikita Petrov

Poetry by Raymond Byrnes

He relishes every random nap, content in his

awareness that now no one in the universe 

will be concerned how he spends his next 

half hour or if his phone remains in sleep mode. 


Lately, he reads gritty memoirs from the South 

murders solved by Harry Bosch, sports biographies

histories of how The Great War shaped his world 

poems that make him tap his lips and read again.


Sometimes when dozing, he dreams he’s running 

late; can’t find the hallway for Conference Room 

907B; didn’t grab his laptop; has nothing ready 

to present if asked; phone’s down to 1%.


Nikita Petrov was born in 1986 in Barnaul (Siberia, Russia). In 2010 graduated from The Altai State Technical University The Architecture and Design Institute. Since 2012 has been living and working in St.Petersburg (Russia).


Recent work by Raymond Byrnes has been read on The Writer’s Almanac, featured as Editors’ Choice in five journals, and published in Third Wednesday, Shot Glass Journal, Better Than Starbucks, Misfits, Typishly, and numerous other places. He lives in Virginia.