Enter the Quiet

V. B. Borjen


The Third Law of Thermodynamics, or Falling into Art


A Metaphor of Three Years and Three Months


Greetings from My Living Room


Greetings from My Living Room


The Understanding, or Diptych


Motherland Died of Cancer, the Citizen Kept on Waving in Vain


A Carnivorous Relationship Comes with a Gift Cat, or Venus Flytrap, Madonna of the Stripes

V. B. Borjen was born in 1987 in the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and now lives in the Czech Republic. His work in Bosnian has previously appeared in magazines across the former Yugoslav region and Hungary, including Strane, P.U.L.S.E., Symposion and B&H's oldest daily, Oslobodenje. His first poetry collection Prirucnik za levitiranje - Levitation Manual - won the 2012 Mak Dizdar Award and was published the following year to significant acclaim. His poetry and prose originally written in English have previously appeared in Hypothetical: A Review of Everything Imaginable, AZURE and The Esthetic Apostle. His paintings have been featured in Not Your Mother's Breast Milk, The Esthetic Apostle and Chaleur Magazine, while his photography is forthcoming in the January 2020 issue of Honey and Lime.