Heather Quinn

1.  Aminion: Greek and Latin root of English amniotic


               a.  bowl to catch the blood of a sacrificial body

               (ex., lamb)


               b.  sheath to protect a fetus of vertebrates in embryonic development

               (ex., serpent, dove, human)


2.  Amniotic


               a.  thin membrane forming a closed liquid sac 

               for embryos and fetuses of mammals, reptiles and birds 

               (ex., lion, lizard, loon)


3.  Amnesia


               a.  the word in ancient Greek was amnestia 

               as in a wrong being forgiven

               (see amnesty


               b.  forgetfulness, a = not 

               & mnesia = remembering



               c.  loss of memory usu. due to brain injury, shock, repression, fatigue or illness


               d.  gap in one’s memory


               e.  selective overlooking or ignoring of  events that are not favorable to one’s

               purpose or position

               (ex.  high crimes)



4.  Amniotic ≠ Amnesia


               etymologically speaking

               there is no connection 


               amniotic is likely the older of the two words


               a.  first there was life

               (ex., gestation placenta blood bone breath hunger mother umbilical cut suck)


               b.  then came forgetting



5.   Amnesty


               when we claim amnesia

               what will we say killed the serpents, doves, lions, lizards, loons

               what will we say killed the children

               will we use the aminion of our hands to cup sacrificial blood 

               what of the question of high crimes; the question of  amnesty

               (see extinction)

Heather Quinn is a poet living in San Francisco who loves the act of layering memory, imagination, images, the political & spiritual into her work. She often thinks of writing as collage-making. Recent and upcoming publishing credits are 42 Miles Press, Burning House Press, Ghost City Review, Headline Poetry & Press, Kissing Dynamite, Prometheus Dreaming & Raw Art Review. You can find her on Twitter at @hquinnpoet