Everything about my house is normal

Ana Cottle

I said it so quietly it makes me question whether I said it at all

Floating above myself watching


      inconclusive nightmare

eating cookies by the lake

where I watched tiny boats glide on sad songs


I love the taste of angry dreams

soft sheep are a poor weapon


why do i need this


it was all too gentle


      I will not tell you



              about my

Ana Cottle studied Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley with a concentration in feminist Yiddish poetry. She has lived in Uruguay and Argentina and speaks both Spanish and Yiddish. Ana currently serves as the Poetry Editor for Carve Magazine. Her poetry and translations have been published or are forthcoming in Hobart, Ofi Press, Alba, Rabid Oak, Mojave Heart Review, FIVE:2:ONE & #thesideshow, Eunoia Review, and Vita Brevis