Sophia Noulas

the Fox of Songi eats the monsters off maps saying  

    one day I’ll see pretty things, 

while pale-tongues dart past reflected lamplight 

  testing the heft of a voice’s flavour 


we played conservationists little boxes marked  

help the leopards, save the cheetahs, for the tigers 

parents pressing coins into their slots a la Genie 

  miracles, we thought  

    a proof of purpose 


can you name me outside fences calling 

  those that belong to nature like lady Lazarus and the fig wasps 

do you remember the word for foliage after it is crusted under  

  your weight sticking to your knees and elbows   


people pour sugar on their dead tying garlic  

  around their ankles to repel leeches but 

meals are tasteless without season and 

  needing no hands blood leaves 


you wouldn’t blame a twig   

  snapping is what twigs do besides 

discarded items are never wasted because 

  something must feed the flowers 

Sophia Noulas is a graduate of Fordham University's Creative Writing Program. She volunteers as a reader for Electric Literature and she has connections to Frontier Poetry, the New York Poetry Society, and Fordham University's Unofficial Poetry Collective. She has been previously published in the Comma and Chaleur Magazine, and has upcoming work which will be published in La Piccioletta Barca. You can find her on Instagram @sophia_noulas