Five Figurations of a Bird's Egg

Benjamin Newland


When the egg rolls, the bird’s 

path marks the edge of many circles, all leading 

to chaos.



Inside the egg there are no rules.   

There is no fighting.  There is radical equality of the sexes.  

And the males will not harass the females.  



The bird inside the egg considers pants. 

The bird thinks, “Pants?  I won’t even

wear a bathrobe!”



The bird inside the egg is nation-building.  

The bird is tyrant.  The bird pronounces: “L’etat, c’est moi.”

It is serious.



For the egg, the shell is the line between

being and nothingness. For the egg, 

there are no small problems.

Benjamin R. Newland was raised in Athens, Georgia, where he played in the alternative rock band, Die Monster Die. He received his BA in comparative literature from Columbia University and a law degree for the University of Chicago Law School. He currently resides in Seville, Spain, with his wife, three children, two turtles and a dog.