Colleen Saffron

I sat with your ghosts today,

pulled out a chair and settled in,

prepared to spend time poring over our memories, together.

But as the dust motes danced in the sunlight,

I realized the veil between your world and mine

has grown heavier and more opaque over the years.

I find it harder to visualize you sitting with me

and instead of a cozy visit, it feels like a leaden ritual

replete with guilt for wanting to leave so soon.

The vivid outlines of who you once were

have dimmed and become blurry,

like an old photo in a box under the bed, telling a story no one clearly remembers

but everyone smiles sadly over, when it’s repeated.

Mourning has evolved into acceptance. The vacuum of loss has been replaced with a silent,

comfortable, vacancy

that is filled with the peacefulness of soul one finds

when they have spent enough time with their grief.

Colleen Saffron is a 47 year old writer residing in central Texas. She has been actively involved in military and veteran awareness and advocacy for most of her adult life. Her current projects focus on giving voice to those who are often unheard.