Havishammed +1

Laura Lee

She used crutch
as weapon.
Here and here and here, see this?


Boxes filled, new home needs
but no new home for that
bastard of a man left her
not at the altar but
in the recovery room.


Boxes now used as ashtrays
boxes now used as homes for 

black cat, calico cat
cat with one eye, 
ammonia smell keeping out
all but the havishammed.

One box for the black dog
panting in the heat
but still waking Havishammed +1
when she fell asleep with red glow
that dog, with so little place to move
between, among those boxes
turned in a circle, barking snapping
whining, peeing for a life
woke her before fire
before Damn. 

Laura Lee is a Chicago area poet, college instructor, literacy tutor, and writer. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in print and online journals in the US, the UK, New Zealand, India, and Greece.


For a complete list of publications, visit her website at: http://lauraleewriterpoeteducator.com.


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