Hidden Sources of Water

Dave Sims


Hidden Sources of Water


Kilroy Finally Ends Up in a Place He Wishes He Wasn't


Drawing Forth the Animals


Chic Blonde at the Exotic Fur Auction


She Struck And Held A Pose For What Seemed Like Forever


Swingin It Pretty Hard on the Dance Floor


Spirit Horse


He Assembled a Crack Legal Team

Dave Sims was born in Pittsburgh, earned his MFA in Fairbanks, and spent over thirty years teaching writing and literature to thousands of diverse students in places ranging from the Arctic Slope to the bayous of Louisiana. Since emerging from the trenches of academe, he now dwells and creates in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. A multi-genre artist, his words and images appear on the covers and inside the pages of The Raw Art Review, Talking Writing, Freezeray, Burningword, The Nashville Review, Nunum and Arkana, with more comics and paintings forthcoming in Silver Needle, RiversEdge, and Stonecoast Review. He can be reached on Instagram at tincansims.