Poem by Julie Friesner

Art by Gretchen Gales


lips pressed

by her finger

imposing quietus

suspending the susurrus of leaves

that have already left

the bare branches bared

inside pale squares of blue to winter gray

she aims to suppress all time and sound

within her orbit

you are dared

to disobey

her will to will us

to not say

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Julie Friesner lives in New York City's East Village with her husband. She has written poetry, short fiction, and two novels. Much of her work is inspired by works of art and visual imagery

Gretchen is a writer, visual artist, and the Executive Editor of Quail Bell Magazine. Her art has or will appear in Lady Blue Publishing, cream city review, Memoryhouse, Moonchild, Bad Pony, and more. See more of Gretchen's work at


Instagram: @writinggales

Twitter: @GGalesQuailBell