Incendiary Rhapsody of Luminous Cosmic Reverie

Nicole Irene


Alluring esoteric and enlightened pulchritude can be found in the unsettling dystopic panorama of the mind. Psychotropic interdimensional primordial goo birthing into landscapes that are woven with the cosmos. I attempt to immortally unfold the delicate fabric of self-conscious epistemic moments of knowing.

Moved by the beauty of the nocturnal sky, astronomical phenomena, metaphysics, and cosmology, the workings of the universe within ourselves and around us fascinates me and compels me to translate the curiosity and spectacle into my artwork.

Looking at the sky during balmy summer at twilight or on a frigid winter evening I become spellbound by color, form, iridescence, and intricacy. My artwork addresses the wonders of the enigma that is the cosmos around us. My contemplations of these mysteries manifest as conversions populated with textural vibrations, colorful swells and rhythmic compositions expanded on with original written words of my own.

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