excerpt from Indelible

Bascom Noah​

And free from any hint of vulgar shade

The stature of our gallant judge remained,

For, yes, the very chief of that old trade

For likewise charges never was arraigned.

The Don had seen such drama play afore,

He pulled the veil of artifice away:

As rime by any other name is hoar,

“A total sham and effort to delay.”

He knew just how to tame a wailing shrew,

And gave no great concern to saving face,

When vicious hell cats made to pounce, he knew

To “Grab them by the pussy” without grace.

   With wit as such who would not lend an ear?

   Moreover, do I not quite well endear?

Bascom Noah is a poet and author studying creative writing at Stanford University, where he currently resides with his two children. Recent publications include "A Lass and a Lack" in West Valley College's 2018 Best Essays Anthology, “Sumac” in Voices Literary Magazine vol. 7 and an editor’s pick for “Step-Families of Daytime Television” in the Hourglass Literary Magazine 2016 Short Story competition.