Inman Park

Kateland Leveillee

She is never what you want when you need her.

She never pacifies you.

She never calms your burning heart.

She lets it play on like a record.


She is lovely 

until you want her, 

gentle until you need her,

untouchable despite 

her pulchritude.


And you love her,


though she is choosy with 

moments she loves you back.


She wants you and all your artistry, then 

resents you for touching 

her with painted hands.


She wants you without wanting your parts. 


You go on meds to calm your fears.

She leaves you for becoming 


                        less passionate.

Kateland Leveillee has been writing from a young age. She spent her life moving around the world. Her poetry can be found in literary magazines, online publications, and- perhaps most comprehensively- her living room trash can.

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