in my dark

Kristin Snow

in my dark

my dark


asks me to

put my

hands out

wait for

night rain


when it

falls says

his heart

falls with

it soft heart

of this

dark hard

man in my

wet trembling



how I love

the steady


man how I 

love how his

heart is

now in my

hands falling no

more though

I am

Kristin Snow is a Colorado writer and artist. She has studied poetry with Phillis Levin at the 92nd St. Y, as well as with Black Mountain poet Edward Dorn. Her writing is influenced by the Black Mountain Poets - particularly the projectivist verse style exemplified by Robert Creeley. She holds a Master's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Denver, and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Lafayette College.


She has won numerous awards for her work including two awards for poetry from the Denver Women's Press Club; a Colorado State Poetry Award, a California State Poetry Award and a NJ State Poetry Award. She has also been recognized for commercial writing with an Emmy Award.


Kristin can be followed on Instagram@kristinwinklersnow