Julia Muench


Julia Muench is a visionary multi disciplinary artist, designer and innovator in the arts. She has a large body of visual and sound work. Some of her work may be seen at artwork archive:


Julia grew up in Miami, Florida, taking art classes (drawing and sculpture ) at a very young age. Her mother, Deborah Winter, an artist in her own right, introduced her to art at an early age.


Later though still trained and working in art, Julia decided to go on study music and received her Master’s degree from the University of Miami School of Music.


Julia ’s initial fascination for the esthetic in geometry started sound-wise with her career in music and composition, and then continued to manifest in her art quilts going back to 2006. Since that time, Julia has continued to develop her own designs expanding into other media such as mosaic and sculpture.


Julia is an experienced artist, performer, musician, composer, and educator, has won achievement awards for her art quilts, music performance, teaching, and sound compositions. She has also studied and performed and choreographed various dance forms such as flamenco, and worked in film and photography.