“It breaks in our bosom, and then we bleed…”

Bonnie Clayton

O, Stone, be not so not-new!

Rats live redder, murdrum noon---

O, Stone! Be not so!


 “See Set, Tiger---"

“Sir, I---”


(Sore was I.)


Tired, nude, wed Naomi---



Deified seities,

Succus Seities---

“Deified Aram,” I moan,

dewed, under it.


“I saw Eros---"

“No. Osiris. Regit te. See.”

So, Stone, be.

"Not so."

Noon murdrum---redder, evil star---went on.

O, Stone, be not so.

Bonnie Clayton is a 30-year-old writer from Providence, RI.