Jess says you look cute in your underwear

Claire Nelson

flips a silver dollar. The boys undress by the pool.


She is Susan B. Anthony & I’m Apollo Landing

I pee in the bushes.


J says you win, MoonPie; your call, snack cake

& I say Left; she says yours or mine?


I say mine only I mean mine

She blinks at Her Right


I get naked for My Left & J’s ankle

is gone in the black water & then her calf


reflects light, is gone, her thigh, & she is gone.

My Left is any hands I like. We go under


Left becomes Jess 

nibbles my ear, pets me,


I roll my face into her hand.

One black hair is coiled tight on J’s breast,


I imagine her lips are mine

only they’re mine; tongue coarse hair


tongue mine. J says

let’s breakfast, pancakes; get outta here


And I say nice to meet you and we are gone.

Claire Nelson is a human and poet writing from Savannah, GA. She studied dramatic writing at SCAD with a minor in 3rd person bio writing and earned her creative writing MFA from Florida State University. Currently, she's teaching her dogs how to just take one bite of watermelon.