Listlessly queuing up Stylo by Gorillaz then sighing at nothing in particular

Jonno Revanche​

(ennui poem)



All the old places cannot hold their 

magic / groundlessly, I revisit anyway. 

I’ve been a ghost cause I wanted to

remain still in the beauty of this quiet.

Hito Steyerl proposes we all suffer 

From affectations of rootlessness /

But what good did knowledge ever do?

Tapping on* a satin desire for the sensorial,
Light gazebo with tapered steel, a lone pine 

Staying put, poetics of nowhere becoming

places where I would waltz slow home from, 

destroyed by the mundane / Away from the

Accelerated city constructions…..superstore

with metro vintage glow and those soil ramps 

that possess the bodies of boys not knowing,

Hauled over on an evangelical type’o BMX 

track / now, lie soil silicone and gripping... 

The UNSW kids know nothing of this place.

Sorry for geo-narcissism - I’m a millennial!

In alienation there’s no new friends, just 

buses all rush, old voices I thought would 

remain popular leave / It is deceitful, this 

irrationality I readily experience, soaked in 

They/them relativities in concrete, ready to 

offer those…same old circumference goals. 

Will my soul make much of gentrification?

Like a physio touching a tight knotted neck,

I press upon pain in hopes of releasing a 

secret, unlock my psyche, manoeuvre it 

within history / can I prove that I was ever 

Really here? My plan is: imagine anything,

Fight the reflex to feel grey mythologies,

Prepare my own funeral in my own head,

knead rigorously into boredom so that 

liberation will flow. Somehow….only many

ribbons tied in moderation keep you free,

Accommodate the body so it sits properly,

Nostalgia, honestly? is an elaborate gag.

Take it careful / Depth didn’t come from wincing

But something lost can orient once again, 

tread into this marxist project I find myself 

backstroking in, eternally looking outward,

Reaching across empty spaces so that I

Might find my people in ephemeral time.




*Refers to the arbitrary process of swiping one’s metro card when boarding a bus - in Adelaide does not require a tap-off.



Jonno Revanche is a critic and poet (multihyphenate) currently based between Sydney on Gadigal land and Adelaide on Kaurna land.