Make the World Magic Again

Jenifer Fox

We wanted strangeness 

redwoods falling upwards

communion with bees draped in tiger striped fur jackets 

minding their own business

eating atoms 

we were alive and buzzing free.

When she said fungus we lost control

her mouth gaping white as a mushroom moon

star teeth circling her serpent tongue

unregulated laughter, natural happiness 

as if 2016 never happened.

When she said truffle-sponge and dipped her hands in mud

we melted into something sacred 

the funny faded to gossamer 

and we shimmered through the woods

golden auras stripped down to essential softness.

It took six hours to land again 

back into the world that wants to deny

the magic of our existence.  

Returning, eyes shrunk back to form

we sat on the park-bench and wept.

Jenifer Fox is an author, educator, poet. A graduate of the Bread Loaf School of English, Jenifer's nonfiction titles published by Viking/Penguin and Jossey-Bass have won several awards. Her recent project is an ephraxis book with her partner oil painter, J. Chris Morel where Jenifer responded in poetry to 50 of Morel's landscape oil paintings. Their joint show, One Man's Home, One Woman's Heart opens at Nedra Matteucci Gallery in Santa Fe in June, 2019. Fox lives n Taos, NM. Her instagram handle is @jeniferfox.

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