Haolun Xu

[I start to jog again, to lose weight]


I'm lying, again, I'm running away from the truth 

as if it were easier to cast cheap hexes

like gelatin in food-


[A great wind breaks across the night sky. The moon glows, painfully.]


At night, be careful running. 

You'll notice that one out of every forty trees creak loudly in the wind. 


Take note that they are made from plastic and rubber,

like a person or a tumor- the electricity hums quietly but sharply

inside of this. 


What is 'contamination?' This questions begs also the answer

of how to understand insulation. Is this safety, 

or the absurd, like theory, being trapped in a body.


Do not approach them. Imposters,
are quite eager. If you were to strike one,

prepare to know 

the jolts of a betrayed yell 

within a noise.

Haolun Xu is 24 years old and was born in Nanning, China. He immigrated to the United States in 1999. He was raised in central New Jersey and is currently studying Political Science and English at Rutgers University. Transitioning from a background in journalism and activism, he spends his time between writing poetry and the local seashore.

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