My Fork Tongue Finally Empty

Nadine Klassen

the morning is like a cotton-gloved hand/

to my silverware body/ edged/ etched/ with your

initials into my/ spooned spine/ soft/ edged/ 

milk-white light like/ tiger-stripes through blinds/

my fork tongue finally/ empty/ for once/ bless

this bird-chirping silence/ bless/ this breathing hush/

bless/ these thoughts wearing thin/ thinner/

than the knife they were before/ now/ edged/

in milk-white light

Nadine Klassen is a 26 year-old emerging writer, born and currently living in Germany. Her work has appeared in Persephone´s Daughters third issue as well as Envision Art Show & Magazine and the Ink Spills Anthology by @Yourheartbeatsstrong. She otherwise publishes her work on social media using the name @emma.willows.writing.