Nana's Hands

Kayla Branstetter


She is a mother, educator, writer, and artist who holds a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree in art, literature, and culture from the University of Denver. Her writing and photography were published in Ozark Hills and Hollows, a regional magazine focusing on local culture. In the past, her poem, “The Dollar” was published in bordertown, a literary journal for Missouri Southern State University. Recently, her creative nonfiction piece, “Graduation,” was published in the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review in June of 2018. Her art collection, “Silent Spring Awakens”, was published in The Esthetic Apostle in May of 2018, her art collection “Excuse Me” was published in the gyara journal, and my art piece, “Grandma’s Garden” was published in From Whisper to Roar. Her art piece, “Innocence” was part of the “My American Internment” an online exhibit and on tour for the North Dakota Human Rights Festival sponsored by the Human Family. her art piece "Life's Dance" was a part of the Light Space & Time Online Gallery--8th Annual All Women Online Art Competition. Recently, her creative nonfiction piece, "Grief," and black and white photograph, "Haunted Hotel" was published in the Crowder Quill.