new here

Margaret Galey



I want it to always be this good

 I’m drawing a map to

    stay      say       s l o w e r  now

you’ve had more practice      


 reclaim stories from 

another day      breathe

     I’m listening &

   can’t   imagine but



your realsouthernmanners

  oh honestly now

I know the secret


let’s break some windows

I’d better not

       how does this work?

how   does  this   even   work  ?



 it’s been awhile 

I’m listening

       shhh   breathe


I nap with abandon   I’m

abrokenoffpage &

new here but

           I’m listening .





  s o  v e r y  c l o s e

take it off already

you’ve had more practice


boozy redcarpetwetdream

     I’m new here

how  does  this  work ?

laugh it off already


I take my time

break it off already




 does  this  even  work ?


& backseamtattoos

mmm   it’s been awhile


backyard homebase &

 awkward  routes    call

   it quits         fadeto


Margaret Galey is an Iowa-born artist and writer living in Lexington, Kentucky. Her work has appeared in publications such as Hyperallergic Weekend, Druken Boat, and more can be found on her website: