Ode To Vomit

Jasmine Ledesma

My mother is afraid 

of fat and break-ins. 

She thinks they are 

the same thing. 

I am ten and scared

of fire and vampires

in that order. 

My reflection greases

along car windows like

smears of blood. 

I steal my brother’s mirror

and spend decades

looking at the girl in there. 

She looks like a cloud, 

moody and formed. 

The first time I make myself

throw up my room is grey

with afternoon. My head

full of unfinished dopamine, 

I chase my first impulse and

crawl into my throat. 

Everything comes up like surprise. 

Jasmine Ledesma can be found eating diamonds in New York. Her work has been published over twenty times including in places such as Into The Void and Vagabond City.