Of Course

Rob Martinez

We can speak simply,

affect a rhythmic pattern, engage

the lyric faculties, in advanced forms

masked as melodies

dance between the awful things

prioritize our problems

like spices

and allow a two week window of grief


in retrospect

we were too young to process it

innocent of spiritual wrongdoing

cleansed now, too, with homogenous aging

eased into opinions like loafers

to dream a dream of relative anxiety

to fear my unimportant death


We can hardly swell!

past the engorged borders of our souls

we can hardly be more kind!

or circuitous philanthropic

take a bastard coffee

spilt through sheets of tribal testimony

short shrift to the infidels! pity in a paper cup

the TV beamed it


Of course hypocrisy

Of course, chanting


                       unique               colors


static             mosaics 

special sauces

glazed over eyes 


                       an artisan


Of course heredity 

Of course, to adventure

blind open for the unjealous

to zipline past the sick hut

feed me mommy

feed me



small children

respiratory filth

beautiful children

one penny, two pennies

feed me 


the hackneyed songs

I long to sing.

Rob Martinez is a video director and writer living in New York. His fiction work has appeared in Lovers & Other Strangers, Breadcrumbs Magazine and Green Zebra magazine. His professional video work is almost always epicurean, and his personal video work is almost always imperfect.

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