Fiona Alwora​

You are my 

Target Audience.


Mellow swell,

small fruit


Sent here

to replace us

with our 

land mined borders,

red velvet tape.


Sink or Swim

mentality, sung

from spare planes.

The bootstrap bunch

in high heels.

The measles

and mental health


with military grade



There is 

No Such Thing 

as Surrender.

You are the 

lonely hope. 

Fiona Alwora was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and immigrated to the United States at 19. She's lived in the deserts of Antelope Valley, and in Westwood California where she got her degree in Political Science from UCLA. She currently lives in Lake County, Florida where she braves the Deep South with a little help from a fluffy feline freeloader named Sparta.