on losing a child in detroit

Fierce Sonia

Mala Rupnarain


beloved doctor, broken

seeds of her still exist

curated in the folds

of our desire reborn

for what i could not

bear to term

nor desire to paint

allow me my dreams

darker than clouds

raining umbilical cords

like distended loops that

bait and hook this love

lighter than loss

may she reincarnate

back to this world

a full blood moon

swelling tide of

industrial rib cages

love stained hospital

beds and iconic murals

angel mexicana in

a factory skyline

i might have

named her carmen

Fierce Sonia is a mixed media artist. She builds a substrate with acrylic paint and collage. A narrative is constructed by the tension between the lush layers moving to dreamy feminine mindscapes with a brighter palette. If you listen closely her work has a soundtrack, a rhythm, a pulse that will give you a magic carpet ride to a fairytale that restates your own heartbeat. She has a public studio at Torpedo Factory: 105 North Union Street, studio 5 Alexandria, VA 22303 Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fiercesonia Or @fiercesonia on instagram.

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Mala Rupnarain’s recent poems have been published in the January 2019 issue of Eclectica magazine. She’s also received a Critic’s Choice commendation by the Big Pond Rumours ezine. When she's not writing online help for software companies, she composes piano accompaniment and thinks of terribly inappropriate band names with her open mic night comrade.