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High Shelf is a monthly collection of poetry, art, photography, and satire from around the world, collected and curated in Portland, Oregon. High Shelf XXI (August 2020) contains 80+ pages of world-class poetry, art, photography, and satire. High Shelf XXI showcases 23 Artists/Authors from


Spokane, WA

Watsonville, CA

Fresno, CA

Palo Alto, CA

San Francisco, CA

Newport Beach, CA

Ottsville, PA

Bethlehem, NH

Ashland, MA

Kingsville, MD

Chestertown, MD

Hartford, CT

Port Jefferson, NY

Broad Channel, NY

Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY

Asheville, NC

Nichols Hills, OK


Barrie, Ontario

Stuttgart, Germany

London, UK

Brisbane, Australia 

High Shelf XXI: August 2020


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